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Holden postal worker files complaint after dues still taken from paycheck despite quitting union Bangor Daily News Online, August 2, 2013 She said she could not discuss details of the charge because of the ongoing investigation. Staff attorneys from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation provided Johnson with free legal assistance and helped…(Read More)

  NRTW Foundation starts Pgh ads Pittsburgh Post Gazette Online, July 23, 2013 The conservative National Right To Work Foundation is starting a decent-sized ad buy in the Pittsburgh market today that warns of union harassment in hospital work places. UPDATE: The NRTW takes issue with the headline of this post calling it “anti…(Read More)

The United Food and Commercial workers, part of the original Change to Win Coalition, appears to be doing just that.  After 8 years, it looks as if they may be willing to throw their lot back with the AFL-CIO.  Richard Trumka and other AFL-CIO bosses must be overjoyed to have this prodigal producer…(Read More)

The Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins examines the Executive Order the president signed in 2009 which created a council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, which gives federal government employee union officials a conduit to government agency heads over and above that of the monopoly bargaining contract.   This is not only a Big Labor payback, but…(Read More)

Government employee unions are expanding their power with more and more political spending.  The Wasington Examiner Watchdog Staff has the story. Approximately half of the federal government’s 2.1 million career employees are union members, and the largest of those unions is the American Federation of Government Employees, an AFL-CIO affiliate that saw…(Read More)

Mark Mix in the Washington Examiner: Federal statutes grant Big Labor extraordinary power over individual workers. Except in right-to-work states, union officials can have workers fired for refusing to fork over forced union dues. But at least in theory, Big Labor cannot to use workers’ forced-dues money to advance a political agenda…(Read More)

Byron York, Washington Examiner, gives Hilda Solis the farewell she deserves after 4 years of using the Department of Labor to promote froced-dues, union boss mentality in an agency that is supposed to ensure all workers are able to work in freedom. When Labor Secretary Hilda Solis announced Wednesday that she is leaving the…(Read More)

In an unprecedented power grab, Obama’s all-Democrat National Labor Relations Board, has ruled nonunion workers cannot request an accounting of where their union dures are going:  The Washington Times has the story: But Big Labor may have won the battle that matters the most: the presidential election. In the last month, the White…(Read More)