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In a commentary published on CNS NEWS (see the link below to read the whole thing), I point out that, in a just-resolved Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of forced union dues and fees in the government sector, there was ultimately no difference of opinion between the Right to Work advocates and the…(Read More)

It is well-documented that public-sector union officials who are empowered with monopoly-bargaining and forced-dues privileges routinely wield them to jack up governments’ long-term spending commitments. Moreover, as a consequence of Big Labor’s compulsory dues-financed lobbying successes, states that give more special privileges to public-sector union officials burden…(Read More)

Any educator, parent, or other concerned citizen who wants to know where officers of the National Education Association (NEA) teacher union and its thousands of local and statewide affiliates stand on how employees of K-12 public schools ought to be compensated can learn a great deal by looking at the NEA’s resolutions and…(Read More)

In a whiny commentary for The American Prospect published three days after workers at the Volkswagen assembly plant in Chattanooga voted decisively against union monopoly bargaining last month, Harold Meyerson, the leftist magazine’s pro-forced unionism editor-at-large, bemoaned the role “cultural” considerations played in the campaign’s outcome.  (See the link below…(Read More)

Why Should the Government Prevent Union Members from Earning RAISEs? Most Americans who aren’t close observers of labor-management relations assume that, whatever other faults they may have, union officials can at least be counted upon to fight consistently for higher pay and benefits for employees. Unfortunately, this assumption is naive and incorrect.  As…(Read More)