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In an effort to ensure the vote went their way, SEIU organizers harassed and intimidated adjunct workers during a recent organizing campaign.  Matt Lamb has the story in Adjunct faculty at Washington University in St. Louis voted narrowly to unionize this month, in a campaign marked by accusations of union intimidation and administration…(Read More)

Dignity Health Medical Group hired a nonunion contractor to expand one of its hospitals in Clark County, Nevada.  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers local 357 officials responded with a smear tactic campaign.  Dignity has filed a lawsuit against the local’s officials.  Mike Heuer has the story in Courthouse News Online. Kitchell Construction is a…(Read More)

The National Labor Relations Board has found the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) guilty of intentional slowdowns at the Port of Portland.   Joseph Rose has the story at the Oregonian. The 18-page decision, (PDF) written by administrative law judge Jeffrey D. Wedekind in San Francisco, orders ILWU and its Local 8 and Local…(Read More)

Wal-Mart has filed an unfair labor practice against United Food and Commercial Workers organizers who allegedly followed an employee into the ladies’ restroom and harassed her.  At least one of the organizers was a male.  Bill McMorris has the story in the Washington Free Beacon. The NLRB ordered the United Food and Commercial Workers…(Read More)

Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review Online, writes about the union intimidation tactics union bosses used to further their goals when they do not get what they want in negotiations.  An excellent reason to abolish monopoly bargaining and exclusive representation.  The trouble in Connecticut began last year, when Healthbridge Management tried to negotiate a new contract…(Read More)

The drama continues.   Reverend Williams’ assurance that Big Labor proponents would follow Gov. Rick Snyder to his daughter’s soccer game, appeared to be empty, as his daughter doesn’t even play soccer. . . Jarrett Skorup has the story at Michigan Capitol Confidential A speaker at a union protest against right-to-work legislation said if…(Read More)

SEIU’s union organizers will not stop at almost nothing to gain their organizing ends. Perhaps most egregious of all is the way its “street demonstrations, ” supposedly spontaneous grass-roots affairs organized by the rank and file, are, in reality, carefully orchestrated by organizers steeped in the radical Saul Alinsky philosophy.   The goal is to…(Read More)

Teamster bosses ignored a worker’s record, placing him at the bottom of the seniority list so union members could have first choice of the best work assignments after a company merger.  The company’s wishes were ignored.  The  National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation reports: Oklahoma worker Kirk Rammage received free assistance from…(Read More)