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The National Institute for Labor Relations Research updated the multiemployer pension plans determined to be in critical or endangered status.  Go to’s Critical, Endangered and WRERA Status Notices page to view more. 2013 Critical Status Notices 1199SEIU Greater New York Pension Plan 32BJ North Pension Fund Alaska United Food and Commercial Workers…(Read More)

It’s difficult to imagine union bosses backing down on an organizing campaign when they will force workers to join or support a labor union in order to keep a job. Dan Mihalopolous has the story in the Chicago Sun-Times. “Please be advised the Teamsters Local Union No. 727 hereby disclaim any and all…(Read More)

Teamster Freedom of Association Hustle Early this week, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research had the honor of publishing “The Teamster Freedom of Association Hustle,” a new scholarly paper by noted classical-liberal economist Charles Baird.  (See the link above.) As Baird explains in his paper, to understand properly what freedom of association (FOA…(Read More)

Teamster union bosses have done it again, allegedly syphoning money from rank and file forced dues.  Nataleeya Boss has the story in the Twin Cities Business Magazine Online, January 17, 2013. The charges against longtime Teamsters members Bradley Slawson Sr., and his son, Bradley Slawson Jr., were brought by the Teamsters Independent Review Board (IRB…(Read More)

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has filed a complaint against Teamsters officials for ignoring the rights of one of its members, Dylan McHenry. Greta Stark, New Richmond News, has the story. The National Labor Relations Board regional office in Minneapolis issued a formal complaint against the union after Dylan McHenry, Hammond filed…(Read More)

Teamster bosses ignored a worker’s record, placing him at the bottom of the seniority list so union members could have first choice of the best work assignments after a company merger.  The company’s wishes were ignored.  The  National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation reports: Oklahoma worker Kirk Rammage received free assistance from…(Read More)

Striking Teamster bosses trample everyone’s rights with violence and intimidation. From the Press-Enterprise:     The brew-maker has alleged that employees on multiple occasions have been harassed, intimidated and threatened with physical harm — even death. Steven Schneider, an attorney for Anheuser-Busch, bought in a seven-minute video showing protesters stopping three trucks, swearing…(Read More)

Michael Giles and Vincent Vernuccio explain:  Why Unions Don’t Want Workers to Earn More: The RAISE Act would allow employers to give individual workers pay increases without going through a union. Despite the potential benefits to union members, unions have put up fierce resistance to the proposal. Teamsters President James Hoffa railed against the…(Read More)