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A heartwarming story of courage as highschoolers wrest their band, and volunteer teacher from the jaws of the teacher union doomsday machine.    Volunteers are the last thing unions want to see in any field.  Volunteers take away an opportunity for union officials, not only to milk the taxpayer, but to add a new forced-dues…(Read More)

As Pennsylvania citizens work to pass a Right to Work law, the Pennsylvania State Education Association makes a show of their absolute power over Pennsylvania teachers, citizens and taxpayers.  Exercising his rights as a taxpaying citizen, President Simon Campbell, was stopped in his tracks by union officials and their power. Simon tells his…(Read More)

James Marshall Crotty, Forbes magazine, makes an interesting observation:    Because of the alleged audacity of passing a right-to-work law during the lame-duck session of the Michigan legislature, virulent — and occasionally violent – protests at the state Capitol in Lansing are drawing national media attention. However, this Forbes education contributor wonders: once all the…(Read More)

A look at union membership this Labor Day finds that while all union officials have not lost their power to force workers into joining, private sector membership remains less than 7 percent, but government employee union membership is five times that rate.  This announcement is not only dismal for workers, but for taxpayers as well…(Read More)

Clark County Education Association teacher union officials are running amok.  Their shameless commandeering has school board officials looking like the chickens overrun by the fox, all flapping and squawking but unable to take control of the henhouse.   The Las Vegas Review Journal has the story:  Two months ago, the union got its pay raises, courtesy…(Read More)