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Taste of the Future


John Podhoretz puts a new angle on the New York City bus strike, predicting other cities will experience the same sort of trouble as public sector union bosses lose more and more power.  Here’s the story in the New York Post.    There’s a major labor action going on in New York City…(Read More)

The Daily Labor Report reveals Judge Michael H. Simon of the U. S. District Court for the District of  Oregon denied an NLRB petition to hold the ILWU and two locals in contempt of a previous injunction against secondary actions and threats in the ongoing strike at the Port of Portland, Oregon.   Lawrence Dubé has…(Read More)

Striking Teamster bosses trample everyone’s rights with violence and intimidation. From the Press-Enterprise:     The brew-maker has alleged that employees on multiple occasions have been harassed, intimidated and threatened with physical harm — even death. Steven Schneider, an attorney for Anheuser-Busch, bought in a seven-minute video showing protesters stopping three trucks, swearing…(Read More)