NILRR Weekly News Clips June 03 2014

On June 3, 2014, in News Clips, by CLJ

High Court Has Long Admitted Compulsory Payments to Government Unions May ‘Interfere . . . With an Employee’s Freedom to Associate’ On May 29, 2014, in News Clips, by Stan Greer There are many problems with rabidly pro-forced unionism California labor studies professor John Logan’s attack op-ed, published by The Hill today, against the plaintiffs […]

Rising Compensation For Public Servants Relies on a Growing Private Sector

On May 11, 2014, in News Clips, by Stan Greer

Many proponents of small government may find it hard to believe that the total compensation of America’s private-sector employees grew more rapidly over the past decade than did the total compensation of state and local government employees. That is indeed what the data show — and the margin is not insignificant.  However, the meaning of […]

By and Large, Forced-Unionism States Tax More Because They Spend More

On April 28, 2014, in NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

In an April 20 post, I referenced data from the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation and from the U.S. Commerce Department to show that, in 2011, state and local taxes combined consumed 10.7% of personal income in the 28 states that at that time lacked Right to Work laws, but just 8.6% of personal income in […]

Right to Work States Faster Growth, Higher Purchasing Power

On April 15, 2014, in Fact Sheets, NILRR Research, Right To Work, by NILRR Staff

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Missouri Right to Work Would Bring More Jobs

On April 15, 2014, in News Clips, Right To Work, by CLJ

Investors Business Daily explores the economic growth potential for the Show Me state if the legislature passes a Right to Work law this week.  The editorial appears in Missouri’s legislature votes this week on whether to become a right-to-work state. More hiring is the goal, and if any state needs a jobs pick-me-up, it’s the Show […]

‘Tax Freedom Day’ Coming Nearly Two Weeks Sooner in Right to Work States Than in Forced-Unionism States

On April 8, 2014, in NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

Yesterday, the nonpartisan, Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation announced its estimate that “Tax Freedom Day” this year will occur on April 21, three days later than in 2013.  (The Tax Foundation’s entire published analysis is available at the link below.) As the Tax Foundation explains, Tax Freedom Day (TFD) is “the day when the nation as a […]

Far More Families Are Realizing the ‘American Dream’ in Right to Work States

On April 4, 2014, in NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

A scientific nationwide poll taken late last year (see the first link below) found that nearly nine out of 10 U.S. adults regard homeownership as an important part of their “American dream.”  And U.S. Census Bureau data have long shown that the nearly universal aspiration to homeownership is far easier to realize in states with […]

NILRR Weekly Clipsheet March 28, 2014

On March 28, 2014, in News Clips, by CLJ

  Pro-Union Monopoly Statutes Menace U.S. Cities, March 27, 2014 In addition to affirming the Motor City’s insolvency, Judge Rhodes made it clear that Detroit has the legal authority to reduce public employee pension benefits negotiated by government union chiefs who have for decades wielded monopoly-bargaining power under Michigan law. Reflecting on last month’s […]