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West Virginia Union Bosses Twisting Facts About ‘Exclusivity’ On May 5, West Virginia union bosses informed the state attorney general and labor commissioner of their intention to sue to overturn S.B.1, the state Right to Work law adopted by legislators over the veto of union-label Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) in February…(Read More)

Union Nonmembers Are ‘Made Worse Off’  Monopolistic Unionism Hurts Talented Employees Economically, and Top Union Officials Seem Aware of That (Click to download Fact Sheet) By Stan Greer Because the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) empowers union bosses to represent workers who don’t want a union, Big Labor apologists contend, it must also empower…(Read More)

JURIST – Forum: ‘Right to Work’ in Michigan: Depleting Unions …   Writing for The Jurist last month, Michigan law professor Susan Bitensky followed a longstanding tradition among apologists for compulsory unionism.  In a commentary bemoaning the December 2012 enactment of a Right to Work law in the Wolverine State (see the link above), Bitensky simply assumes…(Read More)

The screed linked below, by Big Labor Minnesota state Sen. John Marty (DFL-Roseville, pictured) is a typical example of pro-forced unionism boilerplate. Sen. Marty simply assumes ALL employees subject to union monopoly bargaining thereby “benefit” economically. He offers no proof of that. And no wonder. Even Richard Rothstein, a research associate for the…(Read More)