Right to Work State Residents Far Less Likely to Be ‘Needy’

On February 24, 2017, in News Clips, by Stan Greer

Recently, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released data for all 12 months of FY 2016 reporting the average number of residents in each state who were dependent on cash payments from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to get by. […]

Compulsory Unionism Hurts Hispanics & Poor

On November 2, 2015, in Fact Sheets, News Clips, by NILRR Staff

New Fact Sheet: Forced Unionism Correlated With Higher Poverty Rates    Hispanic Americans Are 20% More Likely to Be Poor in States That Don’t Protect Employees’ Right to Work By Stan Greer The share of a state’s population that is poor, commonly referred to as its poverty rate, is undoubtedly an important (negative) indicator of […]