Forced-Unionism States Encumber Citizens With More Debt as Well as Higher Taxes

On October 16, 2012, in Fact Sheets, News Clips, Right To Work, by NILRR Staff

Total Debt as a Share of Annual Personal Income 50% Higher Than in Right to Work States (Click here to download Fact Sheet) As many observers of Organized Labor have noted, there has been an enormous shift of power within union officialdom over the past few decades.  As recently as 1980, the year Ronald Reagan was elected […]

Right to Work North Dakota’s Economic Boom Isn’t Just About Oil

On May 20, 2012, in News Clips, Right To Work, by Stan Greer

CARPE DIEM: North Dakota’s Amazing Economic Success; It’s Not … PN Bakken: Anderson: North Dakota not just about oil – May 06 …   For some time now, it’s been widely reported that North Dakota, a Right to Work state since 1948, has a booming economy. Influential economics commentator Mark Perry laid out the key data well in […]

Pro-forced unionism boilerplate

On March 27, 2012, in Right To Work, by Stan Greer

The screed linked below, by Big Labor Minnesota state Sen. John Marty (DFL-Roseville, pictured) is a typical example of pro-forced unionism boilerplate. Sen. Marty simply assumes ALL employees subject to union monopoly bargaining thereby “benefit” economically. He offers no proof of that. And no wonder. Even Richard Rothstein, a research associate for the Organized Labor-allied […]