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Sean Higgins, Senior Editorial Writer, Washington Times, has the story.  With the exception of Washington, DC and Oregon, people are moving to Right to Work states and leaving those without Right To Work laws.  United Van Lines, the moving and storage company, released its annual report last week on migration within the United States. As…(Read More)

Mark Mix, president of National Right to Work, explains President Obama’s Big Labor Paybacks The Daily  Caller has the complete story:    After Big Labor spent nearly $1 billion to get President Obama and his forced-unionism allies elected in 2008, Obama did not disappoint. Here is a breakdown of the top 10 most outrageous…(Read More)

Apparently unions are alive and well and working on the Democratic National Convention, which will take place next week in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Despite all of the brouhaha over holding the convention in a Right to Work state, thousands of union workers are setting the convention up.  Of course, Right to Work supporters already know…(Read More)

Meanwhile, Right to Work States’ ‘K-12 Contingent’ Has Grown by Nearly 1.8 Million Since 2000 (Click here to download the School-Age Population Falling In Forced-Unionism States fact sheet) The state Right to Work law adopted by the Indiana General Assembly and signed into law by GOP Gov. Mitch Daniels this February…(Read More)