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A former union member recounts union bosses’ reign of terror in Northern New York against nonunion contactors.  Phil Fairbanks has the story in the Buffalo News. Even more important, perhaps, they were co-defendants in a criminal prosecution that rocked the local construction industry with allegations of violence and vandalism against non-union contractors. There…(Read More)

Operating Engineers’ union boss threatens a nonunion conractor who questions the benefit of using union labor.  Michael J. Caggiano was also convicted of misdemeanor assault on nonunion contractor Timothy Such, whose business is now defunct.   Phil  Fairbanks has the story in The Buffalo News. The two men had crossed paths before, but this time the…(Read More)

American Stevedoring alleges International Longshoreman’s Union officials have put the company out of business because of their connection to organized crime schemes.  Steve Strunksy has the story in the Ledger-Times. A former shipping terminal operator in Newark and Brooklyn is suing the International Logshoremen’s Association for $160 million, charging that leaders of…(Read More)

The State Thruway Workers’ Union president blasted a former union attorney for the theft of money from union workers.  Union bosses routinely get away with collecting dues from workers without their permission every day, with no punishment.   At least the lawyer has been sentenced to jail time.  Here’s the story in The New York…(Read More)

A One-Sided ‘Right’ to Unionize?!, April 9, 2012  A guest commentary by Stan Greer, senior research associate for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research The claim that there is a civil right to join a union, but no equivalent right not to join a union was summarily rejected by a unanimous…(Read More)