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Newly-elected State Representative Gary Glenn is drafting two bills that would extend Right to Work benefits in Michigan.  Mark Tower has the story in M-Live. Glenn, a first-year lawmaker who represents part of Midland and Bay counties, is drafting two bills that seek to do that. The first bill would extend Right…(Read More)

Saginaw County government employee union officials were defeated by County Commissioners in their desperate attempt to avoid the expansive reduction in membership and forced dues expected when Michigan’s Right to Work Law is finally implemented this month.   The proposition was the same as the Wayne State Univeristy and the Taylor School District one:  give…(Read More)

8 Right to Work protestors, rescued from jail by a plea deal, were originally charged with assaulting/resisting/obstructing police during a demonstration after Michigan citizens passed their Right To Work Law last year.  Brandon Howell has the story on  The eight protesters, all from metro Detroit, pleaded guilty at a preliminary hearing…(Read More)