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Rank and file Boilermakers deplore their bosses’ corruption, and the Labor Department’s protracted investigations.  Documents obtained by The Star implicate union bosses in pension fund losses by every sort of method possible:  nepotism, preference given to family members, excessive monetary gifts to union employees, conflicts of interest, cronyism, outrageous gratuities and perks.          Letters between…(Read More)

  The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation supported Daniel Gudde, who just wanted to do his job.  After completing his probationary period, Gudde resigned from the union, and was fined over $7,000 after returning to work and crossing the picket line.  Other workers, who remained in the union, but also crossed the picket…(Read More)

The Kansas City Star reports today that Missouri legislators are considering a modest revision in the way “prevailing wages” on state and local tax-funded construction are calculated. The proposed change could help taxpayers get a somewhat better return on their dollar, but a much better move would be to scrap altogether the “little Davis…(Read More)