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Labor for Bernie intends to engage rank and file union members to get out the vote for Bernie Sanders using forced dues to realize their goals. But it seems that only union bosses are currently engaged in the campaign.   Mario Vasquez has the story on In These Times. Labor for Bernie, a new nationwide network…(Read More)

By Charles Baird  (Click to download article) Charles Baird, noted classical liberal economist, professor emeritus at California State University, East Bay, and adjunct scholar for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, has written a new paper regarding union officials and their apologists’ misuse of the important principle of freedom of association (FOA). Baird focuses…(Read More)

US Supreme Court Justices deny Teamsters union officials’ review of a case of union favoritism involving seniority.  National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation attorneys handled the case for an Interstate Bakery worker, Kirk Rammage. Kevin P. McGowan has the story in the Daily Labor Report (subscription required). Denying an International Brotherhood of Teamsters local…(Read More)

Indiana rank and file Teamsters are questioning unprecedented and unannounced dues increases.  With the passage of a Right to Work Law last year, perhaps Indiana Teamster union bosses are “missing” the thousands of forced dues dollars they were able to collect before the law went into effect.  In any case, it seems that Indiana Teamster…(Read More)

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has filed a complaint against Teamsters officials for ignoring the rights of one of its members, Dylan McHenry. Greta Stark, New Richmond News, has the story. The National Labor Relations Board regional office in Minneapolis issued a formal complaint against the union after Dylan McHenry, Hammond filed…(Read More)