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Wages Up in RTW States


Natalie Johnson has the good news about Right to Work states in the Daily Signal.   Private sector wages are not reduced in right-to-work states as union advocates have argued, according to a new report released Tuesday by The Heritage Foundation. James Sherk, a research fellow in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation…(Read More)

Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore and Joel Griffith provide more evidence why Right to Work States’ economic power is growing in this Heritage Foundation report. Right-to-Work Laws. On the effect of right-to-work laws, the same picture comes into sharp focus. A right-to-work law does not prohibit a union, but empowers…(Read More)

James Sherk, explains the value of Right to Work laws, and reviews campaigns for more laws across the country.  He is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation. Eighteen-year-old Saira Blair recently made history as the youngest person elected to the West Virginia legislature. She may make history again as a lawmaker…(Read More)

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 23 has taken Gian Eagle Foods to court over raises the grocery store gave some union members.  James Sherk questions if unions really do speak for their members in The Foundry. Managers at the Giant Eagle grocery in Edinboro, Pa., wanted to reward hard work. So they boosted the…(Read More)

Why Should the Government Prevent Union Members from Earning RAISEs? Most Americans who aren’t close observers of labor-management relations assume that, whatever other faults they may have, union officials can at least be counted upon to fight consistently for higher pay and benefits for employees. Unfortunately, this assumption is naive and incorrect.  As…(Read More)

James Sherk refutes Ezra Klein’s assertion that America has a “. . . deeply unbalanced political system . . .” by highlighting Big Labor’s ability to donate huge “in-kind” contributions and maintaining total control over politicians.  Read more at The Corner: The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein recently lamented that America has “a deeply unbalanced political…(Read More)

James Sherk, Senior Policy Analyst with the Heritage Foundation, explains why unions do not speak for their members, and consequently continue to lose members.  The story is on National Review Online. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported yesterday that unions lost 400,000 members in 2012. Union membership fell from 11.8 to 11.3…(Read More)

Heritage Foundation’s Ed Fuelner on Michigan Right to Work passage: In a statewide election in Michigan last month, voters soundly defeated Proposal 2, a measure that would have made union collective bargaining a right and given collective bargaining agreements the force of law. Voters shot down the union-backed measure 57-43 percent. This…(Read More)