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Sean Higgins comments on the notable lack of response from the UAW and the AFL-CIO. The sale meant that taxpayers were losing $10 billion, so some extra justification was necessary. GM officials have taken a similar stance even as they say they are glad to be out of receivership. One group that was noticeably…(Read More)

Ohioans Are No Fools: Obama Did NOT Save Your … – Forbes Union members campaign for Obama on frontline of … – The Guardi     It is a matter of conventional wisdom among media pundits that whichever candidate wins Ohio in this year’s presidential race will also emerge triumphant nationwide on November 6.  The consensus view may…(Read More)

Auto Bailout or UAW Bailout? Taxpayer Losses Came from …   Obama did not save Detroit‎ Washington Examiner   On the campaign trail, President Obama stubbornly continues to defend his Administration’s handling of the 2009 bankruptcies of United Autoworkers (UAW/AFL-CIO) union boss-controlled General Motors and Chrysler. But as a new study (see…(Read More)