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Chris Kapenga, of Delafield, Wisconsin, is set to introduce a Right to Work when the legislature convenes in January. Todd Richmond has the story on Fox News.   A Republican lawmaker promised Tuesday to introduce a right-to-work bill, prompting warnings from a Democratic leader that the state could see a round of protests…(Read More)

Fox News reviews what today’s elections could mean for Kentucky workers. As the hard-hitting contest between Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes hogs all the attention in Kentucky, another potential battle is brewing at the state legislative level that could change the labor landscape in Coal Country. Kentucky is one of…(Read More)

Ohio State Building Construction Trades Council president Dennis Duffey uses bullying tactics, and forced dues, to ensure his City Council candidate wins the competition:  The Toledo Blade has the story: A hot dispute between a local labor union boss and the Toledo City Council president over a council appointment made national television news Tuesday night…(Read More)

Dane Placko, Fox 32 News, Chicago, unearths SEIU Bosses’ campaign to punish Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for considering privatizing airport custodian jobs.  It’s just another example of union bosses’ utter disregard for rank and file members, as they spend possibly millions of dollars to help their dues-paying members.   For several weeks, members of the…(Read More)