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West Virginia Union Bosses Twisting Facts About ‘Exclusivity’ On May 5, West Virginia union bosses informed the state attorney general and labor commissioner of their intention to sue to overturn S.B.1, the state Right to Work law adopted by legislators over the veto of union-label Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) in February…(Read More)

Judging by the many publications of the Big Labor-funded Economic Policy Institute, the academics who work or volunteer for this organization love compulsory unionism, and detest income inequality.  But the EPI’s own data show that, almost certainly to its chagrin, household incomes in forced-unionism states are on average more unequal than are…(Read More)

For many years prior to Michigan’s implementation of the 24th state Right to Work law this past spring, U.S. Census Bureau data and data from independent private sources such as the United Van Lines (UVL) moving company showed that far Americans were moving out of the Wolverine State than were moving into it…(Read More)

State Rep. Ron Maag says employees earn more money in ‘right-to . Two years ago this February, the Washington, D.C.-based Economic Policy Institute (EPI), which acknowledges it gets a very substantial share of its funding from forced dues-fueled union treasuries, issued a report comparing employee compensation in Right to Work and compulsory…(Read More)