Dockworker Slowdown Costs $77 Million

On February 27, 2016, in News Clips, by CLJ

Breakdowns in negotiation of a monopoly bargaining contract has resulted in a slowdown at West Coast ports that has lasted more than a year. Washington state has lost approximately $77 million in business due to the slowdown.  Andrew Soergel has the story in US News and World Report Online. “This value represents the sum of […]

On the Waterfront II

On December 26, 2012, in News Releases, by CLJ

Could this Port Strike Be Big Labor’s Last Hurrah?  With union membership at an all-time low, and the economy anemic at best, could the Portland strike break Big Labor’s grip on business forever?  The chance the President will intervene when the nation’s ports are closed down is nil.  With an 85% chance union bosses will […]