Union Officials Perpetuate Misinformation

On August 13, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

Larry Sand does a great job exposing the fallacy of the union officials’ view of Right to Work in unionwatch.org. The unions, with all their pro-worker chatter, hate the fact that in some places, employees actually have a choice whether to join or not. As Stan Greer, senior research associate for the National Institute for […]

C-TEN President Larry Sand Blasts SEIU, Praises Knox Decision

On July 5, 2012, in News Clips, by CLJ

Retired school teacher and former agency fee payor, Larry Sand, a noted author, works tirelessly on behalf of  teachers who just want the freedom to teach.   He serves as president of the California Teacher Empowerment Network, a non profit, non partisan group dedicated to dishing up fair and balanced information to all California teachers.      […]

CA Teacher Empowerment Network Comments on Government Employee Unions’ Hyperbole

On June 19, 2012, in News Clips, by CLJ

 Unionwatch.org, June 19, 2012 Since losing the recall election in Wisconsin two weeks ago, it seems that there has been more than the usual lying, distortion and hyperbole coming from union bosses and their fellow travelers. Perhaps the most egregious example comes from Timothy Noah, a senior editor at the New Republic. In Praise of […]