Where Has All The GM Bailout Gone?

On November 30, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

Taxpayers will be left holding the bag on the Big Labor bailout of GM and union officials.  Realclearmarkets.com has the story. Federal Meddling: Remember the promise that taxpayers would get back every dollar taken from them and dumped into the General Motors bailout? The promise is coming up about $10 billion short. All told, GM ended […]

NILRR Weekly News Clips, November 15, 2013

On November 15, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

      U.S. Supreme Court To Consider Breaking Up The Union Boss “Neutrality Agreement” Racket biglaborbailout.com, November 13, 2013 It’s the little known Unite Here Local 355 vs. Mulhall case which might end up packing a lot of legal punch once the dust settles at the high court.  Union bosses, for a long time […]

NILRR Weekly Newsclips, November 08, 2013

On November 8, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

    Group files complaint about Unified’s vote to negotiate with unions Kenosha News Online, November 08, 2013 According to a statement from the Institute, the complaint was filed on behalf of Kristi Lacroix, who they identify as a district taxpayer. Lacroix is a former teacher at Lakeview Technology Academy who left her job this […]

Obama Administration Planning Big Labor Health Care Payback

On November 7, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

Jay  Hancock of Kaiser Health News reports the Obama administation has plans to further pay Big Labor back for its political support by exempting some health plans, including qualifying union plans. Weeks after denying labor’s request to give union members access to health-law subsidies, the Obama administration is signaling it intends to exempt some union […]

Big Labor Applauds Griffin’s NLRB Confirmation

On November 2, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

It’s no wonder Big Labor is rejoicing at Richard Griffin’s confirmation as the National Labor Relations Board general counsel.  Sean Higgins has the story in the Washington Examiner. The Senate voted 62-37 to end a filibuster against Griffin’s nomination and 55-44 to confirm him. The NLRB oversees labor-management conflicts in the private sector. “With today’s […]

Cities With Greatest Bankruptcy Risks Overwhelmingly Located in Forced-Unionism States

On August 19, 2013, in News Clips, Right To Work, by Stan Greer

  20 Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit – Newsmax.com Earlier this summer, Detroit became the largest city in American history to file for bankruptcy, but it may not retain this dubious “#1” ranking for long.  As Wall Street Journal senior economics writer and editorial board member Stephen Moore recently pointed out in an analysis […]

NILRR News Clips August 16, 2013

On August 16, 2013, in News Clips, Right To Work, by CLJ

Job, Income Data Indicate Right to Work Laws Economically Beneficial National Institute for Labor Relations Research Right to Work Fact Sheet, August 13, 2013 As of the end of 2012, 22 states had Right to Work laws on the books prohibiting the termination of employees for refusal to pay dues or fees to an unwanted […]

Governor Kasich: No Right to Work for Ohio

On August 15, 2013, in News Clips, by CLJ

Ohio Governor Kasich has caved to Big Labor demands to keep Ohio workers under union rule.  The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King, Jr.,  has the story.   Job growth is up. The Republican governor just signed what he calls “the biggest tax cut in the country” after converting a looming $7.7 billion budget deficit into […]