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Anti-Right to Work Campaign in Ohio Roughs up the Truth, April 27th, 2013 While the importance of and need for an Ohio Right to Work law are now being recognized by more and more citizens, grass-roots proponents have yet to agree about what is the most promising approach for reaching…(Read More)

H.R. 1120, the Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act House of Representatives Education and Workforce Committee, March 13, 2013 Links to Foundation Story In January 2012, President Obama installed three so-called recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board while Congress was not in recess. In the wake of the president…(Read More)

Former NLRB member Peter Kirsanow examines the qualifications of the Obama Administrations’ Secretary of Labor nominee.  Here’s the story on National Review Online. President Obama’s expected nomination of assistant attorney general Thomas Perez to be secretary of labor merits extremely close scrutiny by senators from both parties, for several concerns about Perez’s…(Read More)

    NLRB Sneak Attack on First Amendment, February 15, 2013 The NLRB is up to its sneaky ways and they are hoping to slip another precedent shattering decision under the radar.  According to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Beck decision, employees can object to a portion of union dues’ expenditures if the…(Read More)

The Washington Examiner’s Sean Higgins examines the Executive Order the president signed in 2009 which created a council on Federal Labor-Management Relations, which gives federal government employee union officials a conduit to government agency heads over and above that of the monopoly bargaining contract.   This is not only a Big Labor payback, but…(Read More)

Phyllis Schlafly, on comments on union bosses’ use of forced dues to elect President Obama to his second term.  Today we are inaugurating Barack Obama for his second term. Let’s talk about just one of the reasons he won his campaign for reelection. The union called SEIU was the top spender on…(Read More)

Big Labor bosses don’t want the rank and file wresting more power from them, for fear they will lose their power to force workers, and to live the good life on forced union dues. Alec McGillis,, misses this point telling the story of union “dissident” Jerry Tucker. It’s not surprising Tucker…(Read More)