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The title says it all.  Economist Allison Schrager uses the UAW representation election failure at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen plant to illustrate how union bosses can no longer ensure job security for members.  Another so-called “union benefit” goes down the way of the dinosaurs.  Check out her article in   A few weeks…(Read More)

Auto factories in the South are facing an onslaught of organizing drives from the desperate United Auto Workers’ labor bosses.  Now their efforts are being boosted by German auto workers, for their own selfish reasons.   Neal E. Boudette has the story in the Wall Street Journal. In its latest drive to organize foreign-owned auto…(Read More)

Holden postal worker files complaint after dues still taken from paycheck despite quitting union Bangor Daily News Online, August 2, 2013 She said she could not discuss details of the charge because of the ongoing investigation. Staff attorneys from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation provided Johnson with free legal assistance and helped…(Read More)