NILRR Clipsheet July 17, 2015

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Federal Union Lawyers Rediscover Freedom of Non-Association National Institute for Labor Relations Research, July 16, 2015 In November, 2011, Jarman, a security guard at Red River Army Depot (RRAD) in Texarkana, Texas, applied for membership in Local 2189 of the NFFE union after being promoted to a job that put him under that union’s “exclusive” […]

Taste of the Future

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John Podhoretz puts a new angle on the New York City bus strike, predicting other cities will experience the same sort of trouble as public sector union bosses lose more and more power.  Here’s the story in the New York Post.    There’s a major labor action going on in New York City, as the […]

New York City Union Officials Fiddle While Their Members Must Be Burning

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Another example of union bosses’ contempt for their rank and file: Many teachers depend upon their union officials to negotiate on their behalf, and are left high and dry while union officials party and live a life of luxury. Carl Campanile and Yoav Gonen have the story in the New York Post: While city public-school […]

CA Teacher Empowerment Network Comments on Government Employee Unions’ Hyperbole

On June 19, 2012, in News Clips, by CLJ, June 19, 2012 Since losing the recall election in Wisconsin two weeks ago, it seems that there has been more than the usual lying, distortion and hyperbole coming from union bosses and their fellow travelers. Perhaps the most egregious example comes from Timothy Noah, a senior editor at the New Republic. In Praise of […]

NILRR News Clips – April 20, 2012

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Mark Mix: Union muscling in to O.C. hospital Orange County Register, April 12, 2012 Unknown figures entering your workplace through the back door without identification. Harassing late night phone calls. Strangers blocking your driveway and studying your exact movements. These are not just the tactics of common criminals and thugs; they are also the tactics […]