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Dear Student: The purpose of this National Institute for Labor Relations Research scholarship is to enlighten future educators to a challenge which is rarely mentioned in teacher education textbooks. This challenge is to make an informed decision as to whether joining a teacher union is right for you. Awards are given in large part on…(Read More)

### Instructions and Information (application download available at bottom of this page) * Read the Introductory Letter and Compulsory Unionism in Education. * Contact one of the Independent Educator Groups if you want additional information on their programs and to search for more scholarships. * Complete the online scholarship application; OR * Download and print…(Read More)

## Right to Work Editorial Page The Dallas Morning News Monday, September 1, 1975 (After scores of requests, The News is reprinting the editorial below which appeared on Labor Day of 1941. It was written by the late William B. Ruggles, then editor, and is credited with originating the right-to-work principle in labor relations…(Read More)

### Instructions and Information * Read William Ruggle’s Labor Day editorial on the Right to Work. * Read the Right to Work Question and Answer sheet. * Download and print out the four-page scholarship application. If you cannot download the application, please email us at . Please specify the name of the scholarship in which…(Read More)

### Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship * $1000 * Available to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in education * Applications accepted between October 1 and December 31. ### William B. Ruggles Right to Work Journalism Scholarship * $2000 * Available to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in journalism or related majors * Applications accepted between October…(Read More)

Stan Greer, senior research associate for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, appears on NPR’s News & Notes with Ed Gordon to discuss labor issues in light of the Labor Day holiday, and the thousands left jobless in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. [Click here](…(Read More)

### Forced-Dues Money Pays For Salaries and Benefits of Full-Time Political Organizers Recent public statements by spokesmen for major AFL-CIO-affiliated unions add to the already large body of evidence supporting key charges made by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research and other Right to Work proponents about Organized Labor political spending…(Read More)

A Study By Stan Greer Senior Research Associate Big Labor propaganda against Right to Work legislation and laws rarely focuses on the principle at stake: freedom of association. The fact is, Right to Work laws safeguard employees’ freedom of association evenhandedly: They prohibit the firing of employees for refusal to join or pay "fees…(Read More)