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Cost of Living-Adjusted Per Capita Disposable Personal Income (2016) (Click here to download Related 2017 Fact Sheet) If you live in a Right to Work state, it’s likely there is more money in your pocket! Download the National Institute for Labor Relations Research’s 2017 Right To Work Benefits Fact Sheet update to…(Read More)

The just-released 10th edition of Rich States, Poor States, a survey of the economic policies, past performance and prospects of the 50 states published by the Arlington, Va.-based American Legislative Exchange Council, is like its predecessors brimming with optimism about the ability of state voters and elected officials to control their own financial…(Read More)


The economic quality of life differences between Right To Work States and Compulsory Unionism States continue to expand, giving Right To Work State residents more money to spend and more choices of employment.   Right To Work states carried much of the economic growth during the past eight years and they are in position to…(Read More)


Whether or Not They Wield Forced-Dues Privileges, Union Bosses Benefit From the ‘Comprehensive Authority’ Over Employees Bestowed Upon Them by Federal and State Laws Authorizing ‘Exclusive Representation’ (Click here to download Adobe .PDF file of ‘No Legitimate Grievance’ Fact Sheet) In the private-sector economy, two federal laws, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA…(Read More)

  Statement to the Workers at Chicago O’Hare International Airport National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Online, November 28, 2016 According to reports, workers at O’Hare International Airport have been ordered by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) union bosses to strike beginning November 29. Mark Mix, President of the National Right to…(Read More)

Right To Work States Benefit from Faster Growth, Higher Real Purchasing Power — Summer 2016 Update (click here to download and share the Right To Work States Benefit from Faster Growth, Higher Real Purchasing Power Fact Sheet) * The term “Tax Freedom Day,” was coined and popularized by the nonpartisan, Washington, D.C. -based Tax Foundation.…(Read More)

West Virginia Union Bosses Twisting Facts About ‘Exclusivity’ On May 5, West Virginia union bosses informed the state attorney general and labor commissioner of their intention to sue to overturn S.B.1, the state Right to Work law adopted by legislators over the veto of union-label Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) in February…(Read More)