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NILRR Right to Work Clips


More People Buying New Homes in Right To Work States

State AFL President Claimed Compulsory Unionism Necessary to Preserve Racial Discrimination

Workplaces Have Become Significantly Safer in Right to Work Indiana


NILRR Right to Work News January 05, 2018

NILRR Right to Work News December 29, 2017

NILRR Right to Work News

'Hoosiers' Real Purchasing Power Has Increased More Rapidly'

NILRR Right to Work News

One important reason why living standards in Indiana have improved relative to in forced-unionism states nationwide since the Hoosier Right to Work law was adopted in early 2012 is the relative reduction in Indianans’ cost of living from 2012 to 2016. In an op-ed published last weekend by the Columbia (Mo.) Tribune (see…(Read More)

NILRR Right to Work News


Worker Files Opening Brief in Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court Case Seeking to Strike Down Forced Union Fees National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, November 29, 2017 Today, attorneys for Illinois public servant Mark Janus filed the first merits brief in the Supreme Court case, Janus v. AFSCME. The brief asks the High Court…(Read More)

In a recent commentary for the Conservative News Service, I explain how union propagandists  routinely misrepresent U.S. Supreme Court and other federal court decisions concerning the “duty of fair representation.”  Led by the High Court, the judiciary has recognized that, whenever union bosses obtain monopoly power to represent all employees in a “bargaining unit…(Read More)


Cost of Living-Adjusted Per Capita Disposable Personal Income (2016) (Click here to download Related 2017 Fact Sheet) If you live in a Right to Work state, it’s likely there is more money in your pocket! Download the National Institute for Labor Relations Research’s 2017 Right To Work Benefits Fact Sheet update to…(Read More)


Last week, a federal court ruled that the International Longshore Workers Union (ILWU) bosses are guilty of engaging in “illegal work slowdowns in 2012 and 2013, potentially exposing the union to millions of dollars in damage payments.” As a consequence of ILWU kingpins’ lawlessness and intransigence, according to Journal of Commerce Senior Editor Bill Mongelluzzo…(Read More)


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Does Part of Workers’ Wages Belong to Their Monopoly Bargaining Agent, Even If They Aren’t Union Members? Raymond LaJeunesse, The Federalist Society, November 02, 2017 In an October 5 posting on the blog “On Labor,” Harvard Professor of Labor Law Benjamin Sachs argues ingeniously, but erroneously, that “there is no first amendment problem with…(Read More)


(Click here to download Related 2017 Fact Sheet) More people employed likely means more jobs being created in Right to Work States.  Download the National Institute for Labor Relations Research’s 2017 Right To Work Benefits Fact Sheet update to learn more ways Right To Work States outperform Forced-Dues States…(Read More)


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Big Labor Academic Candidly Admits That Compulsory Unionism Antithetical To Free Market, November 02, 2017 Lichtenstein strongly asserts that: “[Compulsory] unions are not for the market. They’re against the market. That’s the purpose of a union.” Today’s Big Labor bosses are rarely so blunt about their ideological agenda, but…(Read More)