Teamsters Fire Employee Joining Union


Union bosses don’t like practicing what they preach, as many teacher union employees will attest.  In a classic case of, “Do as I say, not as I do,” a Teamster employee has been fired for joining a union.  has the story.

What happens when workers who work for unions demand to have union representation for themselves?

In some cases, they get fired—as is, allegedly, the case of a 59-year old Pennsylvania woman who spent 18 years working for the state’s largest Teamsters union local.

When 59-year old Leonard, along with her cor-workers, joined the Federation of Agents and International Representatives (FAIR), she did so, according to, in order to have union representation.

Apparently, that did not sit well with Ed Thompson, himself a former union organizer who became president of the Teamsters local January 1.

Last weeek, Thompson called Leonard into a meeting with several members of the union’s executive board where, according to Leonard, “she felt threatened and asked for but was denied union representation at the meeting.”