General Assembly should pass Right-To-Work legislation


Brian Bollman Bollman, , Southeast Missourian,  asks why all workers have not joined a union if unions are so great.
The Missouri Legislature is considering SB29, which would give public employees a right to choose whether labor unions can withhold dues or use fees for political purposes.
The CWA Union response email:
” … it is a direct attack on all of us that work every day and believe in the protections of a union. It is a reckless and dangerous bill that will lead to larger class sizes for teachers and unsafe staffing levels for nurses. It would stop first responders like police officers from advocating for public safety needs. And it would mean front-line state workers who work in our veterans’ homes and investigate child abuse and neglect would lose their voice on the job and in the statehouse.
“Already, House Speaker Tim Jones has been crowing about this attack on Missourians, calling it ‘a way to get to the ultimate goal of Right-To-Work.'”
A ninth-grader can read SB29 and surmise the ludicrous CWA claims.
I have no problem with unions, in theory. Considering unions are great, why wouldn’t members send dues and allow use for political purposes? Unions are great, so there’s no reason to oppose letting members decide, right? Why would unions need special legislative protection?
The Missouri Legislature must enact right-to-work legislation.
With SB29 in mind, the Missouri Legislature is considering Right-To-Work legislation [HB91]. Instead of direct enactment, they plan a ballot submission. Whatever the reasoning [self-preservation?], it’s a horrible idea.
Putting right-to-work legislation on the ballot sets the state up for a Wisconsonian union and media circus. A fully staffed, highly funded maelstrom of union disinformation will descend on the state with the commensurate physical threats and property damage. With CWA willing to make the above claims over SB29 [giving their members the right-to-choose] legislators know they will double-down on such hyperbole for right-to-work.
Again, considering unions are great, why wouldn’t a worker join? What do unions have to worry about?