Union Boss Dennis Duffey Bullies Council President


Ohio State Building Construction Trades Council president Dennis Duffey uses bullying tactics, and forced dues, to ensure his City Council candidate wins the competition:  The Toledo Blade has the story:

A hot dispute between a local labor union boss and the Toledo City Council president over a council appointment made national television news Tuesday night.

“Why is this union president so hostile?” began the preview for the story on Fox News’ On the Record with Greta at about 10:50 p.m. “He called for castration of a city council president.”

Fox News channel reported that Dennis Duffey, secretary-treasurer of the Ohio State Building Construction Trades Council and former head of the Local 8, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, had said that Toledo City Council President Joe McNamara should be “removed, tarred and feathered, or de-nutted.” That quote was first reported in The Blade on Tuesday.

. . . Mr. Duffey favored Shaun Enright and Mr. McNamara wanted former Toledo Mayor Jack Ford.

“There’s anger issues in the Midwest,” [Byron] York said, characterizing Mr. Duffey as a longtime official of a “very active, very rich, very powerful union.”

Making the story hotter, Mr. York pointed out, is the fact that “they’re all Democrats here” and “there is also a race issue,” as well as the fact that the union’s candidate has been convicted of carrying a concealed handgun.