Right to Work States Experiencing Population Influx


Sean Higgins, Senior Editorial Writer, Washington Times, has the story.  With the exception of Washington, DC and Oregon, people are moving to Right to Work states and leaving those without Right To Work laws. 

United Van Lines, the moving and storage company, released its annual report last week on migration within the United States. As if we needed any further proof of the rapid expansion of government under the current administration, the Washington DC metro area has now topped the company’s survey of regions people are moving to every year since 2009.

Also worth noting: All of the top ten states that people are migrating out of — New Jersey, Illinois, West Virginia, New York, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine, Connecticut and Kentucky — are states that do not have right-to-work laws (with the exception of Michigan, though it only adopted the law last month). Correlation isn’t causation, of course, but that is still kind of striking.

Three of the top five inbound regions — Nevada, North Carolina and South Carolina — do have right-to-work laws, while DC and Oregon do not.