Obama NLRB Serving Union Bosses Everywhere


More examples of how union bosses and their supporters don’t have their members’ welfare in mind.  The Obama NLRB has become Big Labor’s servant, sanctioning union violence and endangering workers testifying on behalf of their employers.  Labor Union Report Diary has the story: 


Notwithstanding the union-backed effort to end Senate filibusters, time and time again, both publicly and behind-the-scenes, Barack Obama and his union cronies and backers work to stifle–even purge and eradicate–any form of dissent if it does not benefit union bosses.

What’s worse is the fact that this trend is becoming the official labor policy of the United States. 

With an all-Democrat, three-member—two out of the three being union attorneys—National Labor Relations Board now running things without any dissent, workers and their employers in union-free workplaces are being bombarded with decisions that benefit big union bosses.

While this is not new, since unions officially gained control of the NLRB in 2010 with Barack Obama’s unprecedented recess appointment of SEIU and AFL-CIO attorney Craig Becker,  in ruling after ruling, the union-controlled NLRB has been trashing case precedents in favor of pro-union decisions.

In one significant area, and contrary to the purpose of the National Labor Relations Act, Barack Obama’s union-controlled National Labor Relations Board has issued decisions that strip workers of their ability to thwart union intimidation, interference and coercion–as long as it benefits union bosses.