Foundation Aids Minnesota Teamster


The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has filed a complaint against Teamsters officials for ignoring the rights of one of its members, Dylan McHenry. Greta Stark, New Richmond News, has the story.

The National Labor Relations Board regional office in Minneapolis issued a formal complaint against the union after Dylan McHenry, Hammond filed federal charges against the union through the National Right to Work Foundation.

McHenry initially filed the charges this summer, alleging Teamsters Local Union 974 had refused to follow federal disclosure requirements and had taken money from his paychecks for its political action committee. At the time, McHenry was a New Brighton, Minn. journeyman technician at Ford. McHenry had resigned from union membership in April, but as Minnesota does not have Right to Work laws, he was still required to pay certain union fees.

However, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of “Foundation’s Communication Works of America vs. Beck” that workers who are not official members of unions are not required to pay dues or fees for political activities.

McHenry alleges that Teamsters officials did not provide him with a complete list of where his required dues were being spent. He also alleged that the union did use some of his dues for their political action committee.