Chicago Bosses Take Aim at Mayor


Dane Placko, Fox 32 News, Chicago, unearths SEIU Bosses’ campaign to punish Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for considering privatizing airport custodian jobs.  It’s just another example of union bosses’ utter disregard for rank and file members, as they spend possibly millions of dollars to help their dues-paying members.  

For several weeks, members of the Service Employees International Union Local One have been protesting Mayor Rahm Emanuel at his North Side home, the airport, and City Hall.

The union is angry with City Hall’s decision to contract out hundreds of union custodial jobs ad is fighting a new cleaning contract awarded at O’Hare. Now, it appears the fight is getting personal.

FOX 32 News obtained a copy of an SEIU plan to spend a half million dollars for what the union calls, “taking on the millionaires’ mayor.”

Northwestern University  labor expert Zev Eigen says the union has every right to attack the mayor, but the tactics here carry a risk.

. . . A City Hall spokesperson says: “It is very unfortunate that the SEIU leadership has decided to spend a half million dollars on an investigation to smear the mayor instead of focusing their attention on helping their members, organizing the new janitors at O’Hare or providing other important job resources .”