Pierre Poilievre wants to bring right-to-work legislation to Canada



Tim Harper explores the potential for a Canadian Right to Work law in spec.com.

The Stephen Harper government might dismiss suggestions that right-to-work legislation is on their agenda and Labour Minister Lisa Raitt may say there is a different culture in Canada, but there is nothing stealthy about Poilievre’s intentions as he spells them out over a pre-Christmas cappuccino.

He calls it “workers freedom”, legislation that would give federal workers the option of paying union dues and joining their colleagues in a work stoppage.


“I am the first federal politician to make a dedicated push toward this goal,’’ he says. “I believe in free choice for workers and I am going to do my part to see that happens at the federal level and I would encourage provincial governments to do likewise.


“I am going to work with cabinet and caucus colleagues to build support. Over time I believe I can convince people of its merits. And hope springs eternal that one day we will have free choice for workers in Canada.’’


Since Poilievre took his first step on this question, criticizing the Public Service Alliance of Canada for contributing to the campaign of the separatist Parti Québécois last September, organized labour has been ducking and weaving as attacks came with lightning speed.