NLRB Termed “Dysfunctional Union Advocate”


A new Staff report, prepared by the US House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, blasts the National Labor Relations Board as a union puppet organization devoted to doing Big Labor’s bidding. has the story: 

The Committee staff report documents a pattern of behavior at the NLRB that undermines its integrity and creates an impression that the NLRB has morphed into a rogue agency plagued by systemic problems. Its two major substantive rulemakings have been overturned by the courts, one for statutory overreach and the other for disregarding procedural requirements. These rules are also viewed by job creators as unnecessary and one-sided in favor of unionization. Some of the NLRB’s recent cases have also been heavily criticized as an expansion of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and a reinterpretation of decades-old labor law. Moreover, NLRB documents obtained by the Committee show a strong pro-union bias among NLRB political appointees and agency bureaucrats during their pursuit of a case against The Boeing Company (Boeing) for alleged unfair labor practices. NLRB staff also appeared to enjoy the thrill of gamesmanship in bringing a complaint against a major employer. This bias creates uncertainty in labor relations because job creators fear what actions the NLRB will take next—whether it is a company finding itself subject to a complaint for making a business decision or having to adjust its operations because of new government red tape.