Right to Work Foundation Recoups Fine for Nonunion Worker


  The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation supported Daniel Gudde, who just wanted to do his job.  After completing his probationary period, Gudde resigned from the union, and was fined over $7,000 after returning to work and crossing the picket line.  Other workers, who remained in the union, but also crossed the picket line, were not fined.  

Union officials made a vain attempt to make an example of Gudde:   “If you try to get around us, we’ll get you”. 

Mark Davis tells the story in The Kansas City Star:           

He had not met a 30-day probationary period for union membership, was ineligible to vote on the strike and was told, according to his complaint, to go ahead and keep working. He stopped working once his probation ended.

Gudde resigned from the union and returned to work before the strike ended and was fined, though the union did not fine others who worked during their probationary period and stayed in the union, the complaint said.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation said it provided Gudde with free legal assistance to pursue a complaint against the union.

National Labor Relations Board Region 17 director Daniel Hubbel approved a settlement that involves no financial penalty against Local Lodge 778.

The union local agreed, however, to post notices that it will not fine members or former members who have been authorized to cross a picket line, or “otherwise discriminate against non-members in the issuance of fines.”