NILRR Newsclips 03 02 2012


GREER: Voluntary unions serve workers, not bosses

Washington Times Online, 3/01/2012


Unfortunately, most media accounts adopted the rhetoric of
union officials by characterizing Indiana’s new law as “anti-union.” If
right-to-work laws are anti-union, so was Samuel Gompers, founder of the
American Federation of Labor, the precursor to today’s AFL-CIO. At the 1924 AFL
convention, Gompers declared: “No lasting gain has ever come from compulsion. If
we seek to force, we but tear apart that which, united, is invincible.”

Obama Labor Board Recess Appointments Challenged in New York Lockout Trial, 3/01/2012


A court petition seeking to halt a lockout of 70 workers at
a Brooklyn, New York, apartment complex should be thrown out, a lawyer told the
judge in the case, which may test whether President Barack Obama’s January
appointments to the National Labor Relations Board are legal.

The Supreme Court Must Protect the First Amendment from Unions

National Review Online, 2/29/2012


Theresa Riffey provides help around the home for her
brother, a quadriplegic, and receives a small stipend from Illinois’s Medicaid
program for her efforts, saving the state the cost of providing full-time care.
Illinois law requires her to pay a portion of her check every month to an
affiliate of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The Supreme Court
will soon decide whether to hear her case that asks on what basis, besides raw
political power, a state may compel independent home-care workers and other
similarly situated self-employed persons to support and associate with a labor
union against their will. For the sake of workers’ First Amendment rights, it
should take the case.



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