Institute Makes Record of U.S. Department of Energy Employees’ Executive Order 13490 Pledges and Waivers Available to the Public


On February 26, 2010 the National Institute for Labor Relations Research received, as a donation, documents partially fulfilling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that had been made by the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation to the United States Department of Energy. The documents consist of all non-career employees’ EO 13490 Ethics Pledges and Waivers, including all PAS and Schedule-C appointees.

The Institute now has the FOIA documents on file at its headquarters in Springfield, Va., and will make then available upon request to anyone who wishes to review them. The Institute may be contacted by phone at 703-321-9606 or through the mail at the following address:

National Institute for Labor Relations Research
5211 Port Royal Road, Suite 510
Springfield, Va. 22151