Right to Work States Far Outpace Forced-Dues States in Net Growth in Businesses With 20 or More Employees

On September 27, 2014, in News Clips, NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

While small businesses with fewer than 20 employees constitute a critical part of the U.S. economy, they are not the principal source of jobs today or of job creation for the future.  More than three quarters of all private-sector employees across America work for enterprises with 20 or more people on their payrolls.  For the […]

Do Benefiting From a Lower Cost of Living and Having More Kids Make You a ‘Free Rider’?

On September 18, 2014, in News Clips, NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

Last year, according to data reported in June by the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 4.62 children aged 17 and under for every 10 adults aged 25-64 living in the 24 states with Right to Work laws prohibiting forced union dues and fees on the books.  Meanwhile, there were just 4.27 children for every 10 […]

Fact Sheet: More Debt, Higher Taxes

On September 15, 2014, in Fact Sheets, Right To Work, by NILRR Staff

Eight of the Nine States With the Highest Government Debt-to-Income Ratios Lack Right to Work Protections (Click to download fact sheet) By Stan Greer As many observers of Organized Labor have noted, there has been an enormous shift of power within union officialdom over the past few decades.  As recently as 1981, the first year […]

Operating Engineers Union Lawyer Flat-Out Lies to Indiana Supreme Court

On September 12, 2014, in News Clips, by Stan Greer

Currently, the top bosses of two unions, the United Steelworkers (USW) and Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), have cases before the Indiana Supreme Court in which they are trying to get Right to Work protections for Hoosier employees approved by state legislators two-and-a-half years ago judicially overturned. In a petition […]

Fact Sheet: Forced Union Dues Fuel the Big Government Lobby  

On September 11, 2014, in Fact Sheets, Forced-Dues for Politcs, News Clips, Right To Work, by NILRR Staff

Capitol Hill’s Top Recipients of Union-Boss Largesse Vote Consistently For Higher Federal Taxes, More Spending By Stan Greer This year, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation, Americans will fork over $3.0 trillion in federal taxes and an additional $1.5 trillion in state and local taxes.  Taxes at all levels are expected to consume 30.2% […]

Is Judge Diane Wood Ignorant of Federal Labor Law, or Dishonest About It?

On September 5, 2014, in NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Diane Wood obviously feels strongly that federal labor policy should empower union bosses in all 50 states to cut deals with employers forcing employees subject to “exclusive” union representation in the workplace to pay union fees, or be fired.  However, judging by her long and angry dissent (see […]

FACT SHEET: Working-Age Resident Deficit

On September 4, 2014, in News Clips, by NILRR Staff

Working-Age Resident Deficit Compulsory-Union-Dues States’ Total Population Aged 35-54 Fell by Roughly Two Million from 2003 to 2013 By Stan Greer Because, as a group, they already have plenty of work experience, but are still able to put in a lot of hours on the job, the 84.2 million Americans who were aged 35-54 in […]

Forced Union Dues For Detrimental ‘Representation’

On August 30, 2014, in NILRR Research, by Stan Greer

An article I recently contributed to The Federalist web site (see the link below) attempts to separate fact from fiction regarding government union officials in the U.S. and how they operate.  The article focuses primarily on the issues considered by the U.S. Supreme Court in Harris v. Quinn, a National Right to Work Legal Defense […]